What Is This Bump On My Foot?

A portion of the population will develop a mass or nodule on the foot that may worry them. However, many masses are benign and should not be treated with surgery unless symptomatic. Examples include fibromas, which are hard rubbery mobile masses often on the bottom of the foot; cysts which are fluid filled sacks, often […]

My Legs Are Turning Brown

Venous disease is common among the elderly. As we age, the valves in the veins that maintain the movement of blood back to the heart weaken and are insufficient to prevent backflow of blood. The blood pools to some extent, allowing fluids to diffuse from the capillaries to the tissue external to the vascular system. […]

Applying Relief

Pain is one of the most common reasons that a person visits the doctor. Often kidney disease, a fear of addiction, side effects, etc. may prevent a person from taking oral medications. What is left for the person to control the pain and go about their daily lives and special occasions? The following topical medications […]

Big Toe Joint Pain

Hallux limitus is a condition in which the joint that moves the big toe becomes stiff and possibly painful from arthritic changes. The pain usually is with lifting the toe or stretching the toe toward the leg. The pain may occur with walking, with jumping or over time if the joint is damaged, at rest. […]

When is Sweaty Feet Too Sweaty?

Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating often associated with white, soft skin that is prone to breakdown and infection. The feet of patients with increased sweating often demonstrate the skin breakdown or infection between the toes. Often the inter-web spaces smell strongly and develop fissures and ulcers. The excess sweating may be localized to the feet or […]