Feet were not “Born This Way” to Walk in Lady Gaga’s Daring Shoes

As Columbus fans who attended Lady Gaga’s March “Monster Ball” concert at the Value City Arena can attest to, Lady Gaga is known for her wild fashion statements.  Although she may make walking in crazy shoes look effortless as she stomps across piano keys or performs on Saturday Night Live, it may be somewhat of a painful process to pull off that look.

Women everywhere know how painful wearing even moderate high heels can be on a day to day basis.  For Gaga’s “Bad Romance” music video off her last CD, the 12 inch tall Alexander McQueen shoes she chose to wear had been so troublesome to walk in that it is reported that three runway models had refused to wear them on their runway debut.  Based on Lady Gaga’s visit to “The View” this past Wednesday, it seems as though her affinity for hard-to-balance shoes has only grown with her latest release.  For some time she has been a fan of designer Noritaka Tatehana’s giant heel-less platforms that only offer support under the front, ball of the foot.  The similarly heel-less platforms she sported on “The View” had her towering over the hosts of the show with their insane height.

While she may be pushing fashion boundaries to the extremes, Lady Gaga is also pushing her feet to the extreme and is likely to incur some foot pain as a result of her shoe wear.  By not having any heel support at all, all body weight is shifted to put pressure on the front of the foot.  This can cause problems such as sesamoiditis, in which two small bones called sesamoids, at the base of the big toe become irritated and inflamed.  This is also a common injury in dancers who also place extra pressure on the front of their foot.  Standing on the front of the foot at such an extreme angle also makes calf muscles work extra hard to maintain balance.  Not only can this cause Achilles tendonitis and associated heel pain, but when that balance cannot be maintained falls, ankle sprains and ankle fractures are more likely.  Because the ankle joint involves the talus bone in the foot and the tibia, with both the fibula and calcaneus, or heel bone, closely contacting the bones of the ankle joint, fractures can require serious surgery to correct and realign broken bones.  Even Lady Gaga has been spotted falling at the airport in her heel-less shoes and is lucky that she did not have any serious injuries!  Hopefully Lady Gaga takes care of her feet on a regular basis when she is not in public wearing crazy shoes and that she knows a good podiatrist to help prevent or treat any future problems!

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By Dr. Animesh (Andy) Bhatia