Ohio Innovator Offers a Toe-tally New Idea for Those Who Have Lost their Toenails!

An Ohio woman has recently developed a new invention that may of benefit to podiatry patients whose toenails have gone missing!  “Nail Creations” is an artificial toe nail that can be stuck on to the skin for all those who may have lost a nail due to toenail fungus, injury or other disease process.

While this addresses a cosmetic non-medical complaint after the toenail is already lost, it is important to consult your podiatrist at the first signs of nail changes to ensure adequate medical treatment against serious infection and disease and perhaps prevent the loss of the nail entirely!!

Nail fungus or onychomycosis is one of the most common disease processes that affect the toe nails.  The process of a nail fungal infection begins with some form of trauma.  This trauma can be something noticeable such as dropping a heavy item on your toenail or something occurring on a continuous basis going unnoticed.  Foot deformities such as hallux limitus, in which the movement in the joint of the big toe is restricted, can cause the toe to regularly undergo small trauma by slamming against the inside of your shoe with each step.  If an obvious trauma has happened a bruise under the nail may be seen as a black toenailAthlete’s foot or a tinea pedis also typically precedes the infection of the nail.  This fungal infection of the skin then moves into the toenails where the organisms causing the infection, commonly dermatophytes, thrive by eating the keratin that makes up the nail.

All fungal infections should be treated to prevent spread and worsening of what can be a painful condition. Treatment of a fungal infection once it has reached the nails is more difficult than when only the skin is affected.  Oral medications are often needed that often have a variety of adverse side effects throughout the body.  At Columbus Podiatry and Surgery, we offer the PinPointe Foot Laser to treat nail fungus in our office in about 30-40 minutes without the harmful side effects.  Along with this treatment, it is also a good idea to be examined and treated by your podiatrist for any deformities that may be exposing your nails to unnecessary trauma and making them more susceptible for future infections.  With such treatment options not only are you keeping your feet healthy and preventing future fungal infections, but you also may prevent the loss of your toenail in the first place!  So while the “artificial toe nail” is a great option for those who have already lost their toe nail, preventing toenail loss is even better!

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By Dr. Animesh (Andy) Bhatia