Pigeon Toed May Be Fashionable for Shoes, but Not for Feet

Every February, New York Fashion Week in New York City brings strange new trends for the people of Columbus and the world to be entertained by. One strange fashion presented at a previous fashion week took the term “pigeon toed” literally by having real stuffed birds positioned as if they were sitting on top of […]

Possible Heel Pain Headway in New Plantar Fasciitis Research!

A new treatment option that may one day be of great help to all those suffering from heel pain in Columbus has been making news for its success in a clinical trial. The study focuses on an injection that shows potential for being used to treat individuals with plantar fasciitis who have not had significant […]

Rob Gronkowski is Back on Track after Undergoing Arthroscopy for his Ankle Sprain

The Patriot’s tight end Rob Gronkowski and his  performance at the Super Bowl should serve as a reminder to all athletes and non-athletes of the impact a few ligaments in your foot can have on your daily activities. Earlier in the season, Rob had suffered one of the most common sports injuries, a severe ankle […]

Toenail Superstitions for the Super Bowl

New York Giants co-owner has discovered an unusual good luck charm for his team with a little help from his two daughters. In late December, his daughters painted his nails in red and blue, the Giants’ colors, and the team has not lost a game since then. Steve has left the polish on in the […]