Toenail Superstitions for the Super Bowl

New York Giants co-owner has discovered an unusual good luck charm for his team with a little help from his two daughters. In late December, his daughters painted his nails in red and blue, the Giants’ colors, and the team has not lost a game since then. Steve has left the polish on in the hopes that the good luck charm can work its magic for one last game at the Super Bowl.

While his nail polish certainly may not be looking “pedicure perfect” after 5 weeks, the health of Steve’s toes and nails are in no danger as long as he still has been taking regular care of his feet. Pedicures for both men and women can be relaxing and safe for as long as you keep the health of your feet a priority. If Steve decides to keep his trend going there are a few things he should know about the relationship between toenails and overall health. First, nail polish is completely safe to use on healthy toenails. However, if a toenail fungus, or onychomycosis is present, nail polish should not be applied. The polish “locks in” the fungus and allows it to continue thriving on nail tissue. Treatment should be sought when nails appear abnormally thickened or discolored, as this can be a sign of an invasion of “dermatophytes”, the organisms most commonly at the root of a nail fungus. After the nail infection is treated with PinPointe Foot Laser or a variety of other medications and the fungus has resolved, regular nail polish may be applied.

The length of the nail after it has been trimmed can be another area of podiatric problems for those trimming their own nails or having them trimmed at a nail salon. In some individuals, toenails are extremely curved along the sides. When these curved nails are cut too short, the individual’s likelihood of developing an ingrown toenail is greatly increased as the nail regrows. Ingrown toenails can become infected and extremely painful. Contact your podiatrist at the first signs of an ingrown nail. Attempting to remove the ingrown portion of the nail on your own can lead to dangerous infection that is capable of spreading beyond the affected toe.

Whether you are prepping your nails for the big game or a big date before Valentine’s Day be sure to keep your feet healthy and call your podiatrist if you notice any unusual changes!

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By Dr. Animesh (Andy) Bhatia