Varicose Veins: Unsightly in Summer Shorts and a Major Health Concern for Your Feet!

Varicose veins affect primarily women as they age and veins become tortuous and enlarged. While this may be less concerning during the cold Columbus winters when legs are covered, varicose veins pose a cosmetic problem in the summer when shorts and bathing suits place them prominently on display. While varicose veins may be a cause […]

Ankle Biters Beware: Understanding What’s Biting your Foot and Ankle

Bug bites are seemingly inevitable when spending time outside and feet and ankles are a sweet spot for many insects to latch on to. While a mosquito bite can often be easily spotted (especially if you catch the critter in the act!), other insect bites on the lower extremity may be a bit more irritating […]

Summer Treats to Beat the Heat and Enjoy Summer Outdoors on Your Feet!

As I was getting ice cream at Graeter’s near the Dublin Columbus Podiatry and Surgery office this past week, I realized that season of summer and ice cream has arrived. And that both ice cream and summer bring foot bone health and osteoporosis to mind. Summer should be a time of enjoying the outdoors injury […]

Choose the Right Sneaker and Continue Your Celebrations of National Running Day

It has been a big few weeks for runners and fitness enthusiasts in the Columbus area. While National Running Day was a day of celebrations for many, the recent settlement in the lawsuit against Sketcher’s Shapeup Shoes have left those looking for an extra boost in their run less enthused. Back in February 2011, our […]