Don’t Fall Back into the Cycle of Ingrown Toenails this Fall!

As cooler weather returns to Columbus, with the official first day of fall this past Saturday, many people will be transitioning from their open to closed-toed shoes. While toenails may be out of sight in closed-toed shoes, they also may be more prone to developing painful ingrown toenails. Onychocryptosis is the term that describes toenails […]

Moms on their Toes as Tumbling Tots Return to School

As kids reunite with their friends for the new school year in Columbus, there is bound to be some extra zealous recess playtime. While many parents may worry about injuries in their growing kids, parents will be relieved to know that foot fractures account for only around five to eight percent of pediatric fractures. By […]

Ohio Fall Football Ankle Injuries to Avoid!

With the NFL regular season beginning this week and college classes recently beginning, Buckeyes, Browns and Bengals fans will be on their toes at the first sign of any serious football foot injuries. Ankle injuries including ankle sprains and ankle fractures are two of the most common athletic injuries. This year, Cincinnati Bengal center Kyle […]

No Feet Needed for this “Football” Player!

Over half of all amputations in the United States each year are caused by diabetes mellitus and most of these amputations are of the lower extremity. Trauma, infection and severe deformity of the foot and ankle can all be reasons that an amputation may be needed to allow an individual to continue to have a […]