Don’t Let Frightening Flatfoot Scare off Your Fun this Halloween!

Whether you are trick-or-treating, visiting Hoffman’s Farm Market or other pumpkin patches, October in Columbus can mean a lot of walking. Foot pain should not be one of the scares you face this Halloween season, and the fright of a flatfoot should be made to disappear by a visit to your podiatrist as soon as possible!

While having flat feet can be normal in children, a flat foot that develops in adulthood is not normal and a sign of disease in the tendons in the foot. The condition known as posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, or PTTD, is the number one cause of unilateral acquired adult flatfoot. The posterior tibial tendon runs along the middle side of the foot, affects several joints and maintains the arch foot. In PTTD, the sheath surrounding the tendon becomes inflamed, which leads to the tendon beginning to degenerate and may eventually tear completely. While the exact trigger of this disease process is unknown, it has been associated with diabetes, obesity, hypertension and an underlying abnormality of the tendon. As the tendon degenerates, it will often cause pain along the middle side of the foot and an inability to rise up on the toes of the affected foot. As the muscle weakens, other ligaments and supporting structures in the foot fail and the foot transitions from a flexible flat foot to a rigid flat foot.

The earlier this disease is caught, the better the treatment outcome. Early on, while the deformity is still flexible, a sturdy custom orthotic called a UCBL or a lace up gauntlet style brace called an Arizona brace can be used to offer pain relief and prevent further degradation of the tendon. If the tendon has already torn, or relief is not gained through more conservative means, flatfoot surgery may be necessary. Addressing this problem as soon as possible can prevent years of a painful tendon and foot arch. Trick or treat and check your feet this Halloween!

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By Dr. Animesh (Andy) Bhatia