Pressure Relief for Diabetic Feet

With the holidays fast approaching, many individuals may feel the mounting pressure of finding the perfect gift by spending hours at the mall. The pressure placed on feet dashing from store to store can add up, and in individuals with diabetes can become dangerous. Even though the holiday of St. Nicholas passed this past week, in which children leave their shoes out to be filled with treats, individuals with diabetes may still want to leave their old shoes out for good and opt for a better, pressure relieving pair.

High pressure in a healthy foot signals pain, and subsequent alleviation of the inciting pressure by the person moving their foot or changing their shoe to stop the pain from occurring. In diabetic individuals with peripheral neuropathy, pain and areas of high pressure cannot be felt due to loss of sensation. This loss of sensation causes of loss of protection to the foot and wounds may develop in areas of abnormally high pressure. Any deformity that predisposes the foot to rub in a shoe creates an area that is more likely to ulcerate. Surgery to remove deformities including bunions, hammer toes and bony bumps in the ball of the foot are one of the ways that your podiatrist may remove an area of increased pressure that is likely to develop or has previously developed an ulcer. Surgery to lengthen the tendon that attaches the calf muscles to the heel bone is also used to lessen pressure on the ball of the foot. When this tendon is too tight, the heel is lifted and the front of the foot is levered down towards the ground, creating an area of high pressure.

Along with surgery, regular callus and corn removal by your podiatrist is also very helpful in removing pressure. Shoes, casting and custom orthotics are all used to better disperse pressure on the foot. These treatment means are also useful to prevent ulcers from developing or recurring. By custom molding shoes to the foot, deformities are accommodated for and areas of high pressure are relieved. Custom orthotics for diabetic patients with neuropathy are made with several layers of material so that any friction that would normally be imparted to the foot is instead absorbed by the orthotic. Talk to your podiatrist about taking pressure off this holiday season and keeping your feet healthy!

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By Dr. Animesh (Andy) Bhatia