Unpleasant Pedicure Prevents Tennis Star Victoria Azarenka from Playing

Belarusian tennis player Victoria Azarenka is the top ranked female tennis player in the world and current title holder of the 2012 Australian Open which she won last January. Her path to claiming the Open title for the second year in a row hit a road bump this week when an infected ingrown toenail forced […]

Revive your Running from Achilles Tendonitis

After hectic holiday travels, shopping hurdles and trail runs in the unseasonably warm weather in Columbus lately, foot and ankle pains may begin piling up. The Achilles tendon is the largest, and one of the most injury plagued tendons in the body. Runners, weekend warriors, and athletes in almost any sport may develop any one […]

Stockings to Supplement Your New Year’s Resolution Fitness Routine

Diets, gym memberships and workouts are involved in the plan to reach New Year’s resolutions for many. Looking your best in 2013 should literally start from the ground up, not only by putting on your workout sneakers, but also by choosing what types of socks or stockings you wear on a daily basis. Socks and […]

Keep Frosty the Snowman on your Front Yard and Not on Your Toes!

The snowy, wet weather and chilly temperatures we have experienced in Columbus the last few weeks can lead to a variety of conditions. The extremities, and especially the feet are at risk for cold injury due to the lesser blood circulation compared to the trunk of the body. Cold injury occurs from a combination of […]

Tread Carefully During Holiday Clean Up to Keep Foot Injuries Wrapped up

While winter in Columbus is not the time of year when people are running around barefoot, the holidays can mean a veritable maze of wrapping paper, tree pine needles and ornament hooks to navigate around in stocking covered feet at parties. Stepping on a Barbie or stray Lego is usually just an “ouch” moment, but […]