Foot Care Tips to Help Keep the New Pope on his Toes

Following this week’s inauguration, Pope Francis officially became the 266th pope. With all of the traveling necessitated by his new position in the Catholic Church, Pope Francis will be relying on his feet more than ever. At 76 years old, the Pope and other individuals around his age need to take extra care of their elderly feet.

While many foot problems that affect elderly individuals affect all ages, certain problems may be more prevalent or have more serious risks with increased age. Common problems that can cause foot pain including bunions, hammer toes and corns may also increase the chances of a fall occurring. One study in the Journal of American Podiatric Medical Association found that older people with foot pain performed worse in a leaning balance test, stairs, a step up test and a timed six meter walk. This indicates that older people should address their foot pain with a podiatrist to receive treatment and increase their ability to balance and function.

Conditions such as diabetes and osteoporosis are more prevalent in elderly populations. It is reported by the American Diabetes Association that 26.9% of individuals age 65 years and older have diabetes. Diabetes can become complicated with peripheral neuropathy, or lack of sensation in the feet and lower extremities. Lack of sensation can lead to inability to balance, as well as increased risk of developing a foot wound. When fracture occurs in an elderly individual, it can carry higher risk of serious adverse outcomes. Diabetes, older age and osteoporosis have all been found to be associated with increased risk of delayed bone healing. Proper nutrition offers one way to keep feet healthy and minimize the odds of developing diabetes and osteoporosis. The Pope and other active elderly individuals can discuss many of the other options to be pro-active in maintaining their healthy feet for years to come with a visit to their podiatrist!

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By Dr. Animesh (Andy) Bhatia