Strike Out Foot Pain

Bowling was big in Columbus last week as a great activity for those looking to beat the heat. This past Saturday was the annual Bowling for Rhinos fundraiser thrown by the Columbus Zoo to raise money for the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya and the International Rhino Foundation. If your feet aren’t sore from all […]

Jennifer Aniston’s Toe Trauma

While those interested in pop culture news may still be wondering when Jennifer Aniston’s wedding is to occur, the actress did share an interesting story about her fiancé. Jennifer revealed to reporters this past week that she is currently experiencing some foot pain from a fracture in one of the bones of her toe. She […]

Foot Care for Frolicking at Ohio Beaches

Those looking to cool off from hot temperatures around Columbus ought to be careful when going to visit any Lake Erie beaches in Ohio. Recently, environmental research has been released on how many times last summer E. coli bacteria were a threat to swimmers at coastal beaches. Unfortunately, E. coli was detected a higher number […]

Avoid Foot Burns Around Summer Bonfires & Fireworks!

At the annual Red, White and Boom fireworks celebration last week for the 4th of July in Columbus, the summer season of fireworks, festivals and bonfires reached one of its high points. Luckily, very few injuries were reported during the celebrations on the 4th and the days following, however foot burns are a serious risk […]