Jessie J’s Ankle Issues

Jessica Ellen Cornish, also known as, Jessie J, began her rise to fame in 2006. She is well known for her music that has topped U.S. Billboards Hot 100, but many may not know that she had a major reconstructive ankle surgery and ankle fusion in June 2011. Jessie J broke her ankle after falling off a stage during a show.

Ankle fusions are done following trauma or arthritis in the ankle joint. An ankle fusion procedure involves removing the damaged bone at the end of the tibia and fibula, which are the two bones in the lower leg, and then removing the damaged portion of the talus, which is the bone at the top of the foot and is also part of the ankle joint. Once the damaged bone is removed, then screws and sometimes, metal plates are put in place, and allow the joint to fuse. Jessie J also had a bone transplant, or bone graft. The bone graft can be taken from another part of your own body, or it can be taken from a cadaver. The graft is used to fill in defects or gaps.

Following an ankle fusion the screws and plates stay in unless they become painful or cause complications. Immediately after surgery the patient is put in a cast and given crutches. After around six weeks the patient may be given a CAM walker, or surgical shoe. The ankle will have decreased range of motion, and the side that had surgery will have a limb length discrepancy. Some people have difficulty walking up or down inclines following surgery, and due to the limited range of motion of the ankle joint there are some restrictions to the types of shoes that should be worn and many people are given orthotics or heel lifts to help with the limb length discrepancy. Most people are able to return to their daily activities within a few months.

Jessie J will be having another ankle surgery this December to have the metal plate removed because the plate has been causing pain. Hopefully Jessie J gives up her stilettos, and gives her ankle the rest it needs so she will be ready for her 2014 tour.

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By Dr. Animesh (Andy) Bhatia