How to Keep Your Feet Warm

The holiday season is approaching, and with the holidays comes frigid weather. Many people are going to be out and about doing shopping, going to holiday parades, outdoor light shows, as well as many other activities since it is a very busy time of year. Most people prepare for the cold weather by putting on a coat and gloves, while paying little attention to the warmth of their feet. Keeping the feet warm is important especially in people that have decreased circulation.

Diabetes, Raynaud’s, and peripheral vascular disease decrease the circulation to extremities, including the feet. People that suffer from these diseases are more prone to frost bite, or ulcers due to lack of blood flow. In diabetic patients often times neuropathy prevents them from being able to feel how cold their feet are unless they are proactive about making sure their feet are kept warm.
Raynaud’s is a syndrome or phenomenon that occurs when a person’s body overreacts to cold weather causing the blood vessels in random digits of the hand or foot to constrict, which cuts off blood flow completely to that digit causing many color changes. Raynaud’s is seen alone, and is sometimes secondary to other diseases. Peripheral vascular disease occurs when atherosclerotic deposits build up, and cause hardening of the arteries. The buildup in the vessels causes less blood flow to be able to reach the extremity, and may result in ischemic foot. Raynaud’s and peripheral vascular disease are sometimes seen in diabetic patients, as they tend to be more prone to vascular diseases.

There are many ways to keep the feet warm if you have any of these conditions, or are going to be outdoors for a long period of time in cold weather. Diabetic socks are important because they keep the feet warm and protected, without cutting off circulation like many other socks do. Diabetic socks also reduce moisture, which helps prevent fungal infections, blisters, and also ensure warmer feet. Similar socks are offered for those with Raynaud’s or peripheral vascular disease. The special socks do not have elastic, and are often made of polyester instead of cotton. Foot warmers are another option to help keep the feet warm in the cold weather. Boot with warm linings will help protect the feet as well as provide extra comfort.

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By Dr. Animesh (Andy) Bhatia