6 Simple Steps To Managing Osteoarthritic Foot Pain

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States. Almost half of people in their sixties and seventies suffer from arthritic foot pain. There is no cure for arthritis, but there are many types of treatments available that focus on pain management. Osteoarthritis typically occurs in older individuals, or people that have had a previous injury. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease. Over time the cartilage between joints wears down leading to inflammation, swelling, and pain. In younger individuals that develop osteoarthritis there is usually a history of previous injury, family history of osteoarthritis, or obesity.

The foot consists of 33 joints, but there are a select few that are more prone to osteoarthritis than others. The ankle, the great toe, 3 joints in the hindfoot (talocalcaneal, calcaneocuboid, talonavicular joints), and the midfoot (metatarsocuneiform joint) are the most commonly affected joints. Osteoarthritis can also be caused by abnormal foot structure, such as flat foot or a high arch.

Some people believe that cold, damp weather exacerbates their osteoarthritis, and some even say they can predict the weather. Common symptoms of osteoarthritis include: stiffness, limitation of the joint, swelling, difficulty walking and tenderness that is persistent. Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition, and can be debilitating. There are many great treatments available, but here are just a few solutions for osteoarthritic foot pain:

  1. See your podiatrist at least once a year to monitor changes, and modify treatment
  2. Comfortable and supportive shoes are necessary, and sometimes orthotics or ankle braces are also helpful
  3. Weight loss
  4. Anti-inflammatory medications such as NSAIDS (ibuprofen) or corticosteroid injections that can be given by your podiatrist
  5. Physical therapy and exercises
  6. Try a topical medication that has capsaicin, an ingredient that will help reduce pain

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By Dr. Animesh (Andy) Bhatia