Madonna Never Stops

Madonna is well known for her music career, and often referred to as the “Queen of Pop”. Madonna recently sustained a foot injury while skiing in Switzerland with her family, and then aggravated the injury by dancing in high-heeled shoes on New Year’s Eve. Madonna bruised a bone in her foot, and was given crutches to help her keep weight off the injured foot. While on crutches, Madonna was spotted at the gym getting in a workout!

A bruised bone occurs with some type of traumatic injury that involves a fall, or twisting motion. The innermost part of the bone is broken, and allows bleeding to occur. The type of bone bruise is classified by the extent of the damage, and also location of the bone that is bleeding. A bone bruise is very painful, and often presents with swelling. To make the diagnosis of a bone bruise an MRI is often necessary because damage to the bone may be minimal, and not detected by X-ray. Treatment consists of pain management, ice, and not placing more stress on the injured bone. Immobilization or bracing is often used to protect the bone from further injury, and allow the bone time to heal. Bone takes longer to heal than soft tissue, and for some people a full recovery may take a few months. On average a full recovery takes anywhere from 2-3 months.

According to reports, Madonna will be off crutches within a week. That is if she does not make her injury worse at the gym!

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By Dr. Animesh (Andy) Bhatia