Notre Dame’s Stephon Tuitt Taking Time Off To Recover

Stephon Tuitt, a defensive lineman for the Notre Dame is missing work outs due to his injured foot. Tuitt will be out for six to eight weeks while he recovers. For many football players this is a crucial time to show recruiters what they have to offer, and may be the only chance they have to prove themselves. Tuitt suffered a Jone’s fracture, which is caused from forced inversion and plantar flexion of the foot (downward and in motion of the foot). Jone’s fractures are further classified by the location of the fracture, or by the mechanism. The fracture can be an avulsion fracture, stress fracture, or a true Jone’s fracture. Tuitt had what is referred to as a Jone’s avulsion fracture.

A Jone’s avulsion fracture occurs when a piece of the 5th metatarsalis torn off by a tendon. The 5th metatarsal is the long bone on the outer part of the foot. The peroneus brevis attaches to the 5th metatarsal, and is responsible for this type of fracture. Blood flow to this area is sparse, and makes healing of this type of fracture more difficult. Conservative treatment consists of immobilization with a cast and crutches. In cases that do not heal, then surgery may be the only successful option. Surgical treatment consists of fixation of the bone fragment with a screw, and bone graft may also be needed.

In competitive athletes, such as Tuitt, surgery is often the initial treatment in order to decrease the healing time so that the athlete may return to activity. Even though Tuitt is missing out on Pro Day there is speculation that Tuitt may have his own Pro Day at a separate date once he has healed so he will not miss his opportunity to shine. Tuitt may not be at full strength after being out for so long, but he should make a full recovery from his Jone’s fracture.

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By Dr. Animesh (Andy) Bhatia