Summer Shoe Gear

Summer is not quite here, but for many people the warmer weather leads to poor choices in summer shoe gear. Women are especially notorious for wearing shoes that are terrible for their feet, but men also make poor shoe choices. Eight out of ten women say their shoes are painful. Vanity often comes before comfort for members of both genders. Some of the most popular shoe choices in the summer include flip-flops, sandals, and tennis shoes for the active outdoorsy types.

Flip-flops are well known for their bad reputation, but they do serve a purpose and should not necessarily be completely banned from your closet. Flip-flops have a bad reputation because they do not have arch support, they are thin, and leave the foot vulnerable to injury. However, there are higher quality flip-flops that DO have arch support and thicker soles, which would make them more comfortable, but still does not solve the problem of vulnerability to injury. Flip-flops are great for the beach, or lounging around, but terrible for long distance walking. In fact, flip-flops are recommended on the beach over barefoot walking to prevent injury and possible infection due to a puncture wound. Flip-flops are also a great way to prevent getting fungal infections at gyms, hotels, or public pools. Flip-flops have many great uses, but the problem is that they are abused. Although they are convenient and easy to put on, they are not meant for daily use at school or work, unless you work as a lifeguard! Whether you wear flip-flops, sandals, or tennis shoes ensure that they provide arch support, cushioning, and are worn appropriately depending on the activity.

Flip-flops can cause injuries such as, stress fractures, cuts, and stubbed or fractured toes due to the lack of protection. Too many people go on vacation, and utilize flip-flops as their primary shoe gear and end up with injuries. Moderation, planning ahead, and choosing quality shoe gear are the keys to injury prevention!

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