Pediatric Foot Complaints

The pediatric population suffers from a distinct group of conditions, some of which adults do not suffer from. Younger patients have open growth plates leaving them vulnerable to injuries involving the growth plates, or due to the fact that some bones have not ossified, or hardened. However, pediatric patients are still vulnerable to the majority of adult foot complaints as well.

Some of the most common foot complaints in pediatrics are ingrown toenails, plantar warts, flat feet, and heel pain. Ingrown toenails are a common complaint because of rapid growth spurts in children leading to tight fitting shoes. When wearing shoes that are too tight the toes undergo trauma by rubbing against the shoe causing inflammation and infection. Another reason that children are more prone to ingrown nails is due to improper cutting or trimming of the nails. Plantar warts seem to be more prevalent in children since they have not had time to develop immunity against the wart virus (human papilloma virus). Children and adolescents are also exposed to the virus if they are involved in sports where they use a locker room, or walk barefoot near a pool. Flat feet are a common complaint, and are particularly concerning for many parents. If the flat feet are symmetrical, and do not cause pain, then orthotics and supportive shoes can be used, but if the flat feet are associated with pain or asymmetrical, then surgery may be considered. Heel pain in pediatrics that occurs during the ages of 8-12 is often due to Sever’s Calcaneal Apophysitis, or Sever’s disease. Sever’s disease is an overuse injury that causes inflammation and pain of the heel bone, or calcaneal bone. The pain is felt where the Achilles tendon inserts onto the heel bone, and is aggravated with activity. Sever’s disease is more common in males, but is also seen in females that are active in sports. Sever’s disease is often preceded by a growth spurt. Following growth spurts the calf muscles and Achilles tendon may become tight causing strain and excessive pulling on the heel bone.

The previous conditions just name a few of the common complaints in the pediatric population. However, there are many other conditions that are specific to the pediatric population. If your child suffers from any foot conditions, then do not hesitate to contact your Podiatrist.

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