Ache In Your Bones

For most Americans that complain that their bones ache, it is due to their muscles, ligaments or joints — not their bones. Occasionally, when someone says that their bones ache, it can be a sign that something more sinister is behind the pain. This is especially true if they notice that the ache is localized to a specific bone, if it is felt deep inside the bone, if the pain wakes them up at night, causes loss of function, or is associated with night sweats, weight loss, and/or fatigue.

Causes that may be considered by your doctor or podiatrist:

  • Both benign and malignant tumors that may need to removed or treated with chemotherapy or radiation
  • Infection inside the bone marrow
  • Systemic cancers such as multiple myeloma
  • Auto immune syndromes
  • Occult fractures such as stress fractures
  • Systemic metabolic derangements such as gout (although there is a noticeable effect on the soft tissues as well)
  • Bone density loss

Many of the recommendations from your doctor may mirror those used to assess unexplained masses in the body: imaging, blood tests, biopsy and special clinical tests. Most causes of bone pain are treatable but see your doctor early to have them assess the site of pain to provide an early diagnosis and treatment.

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