Stinky Feet Series: Got Sweaty Feet?

As the summer heat continues to roll into August, sweaty feet combined with the dark moist environment within shoes can increase the chances of bacteria and fungus to breed. This can lead to a smelly foot as the bacteria and fungus grow well in between the toes of a soggy foot. To stop the smell from the bacteria/fungus, you can simply create a drier home for your feet.

The following are possible home remedies that may be considered by your podiatrist to decrease the smelly and sweaty feet:

  • Epsom Salt bath – Salt dries out the skin and the bacteria’s environment thus decreasing the bacteria. This should be done daily for 1-2 weeks and the smell would be improved.
  • Vinegar bath – Vinegar also pulls out the wetness out of the skin and is bactericidal killing much of the bacteria that exists in the foot. Use one part of vinegar to two parts of water.
  • Black tea soaks – The acid component in black tea acts as a natural bactericidal and also shrinks pores which also helps decrease the sweating. Use two tea bags to a pint of water and soak for half an hour a day for a week.
  • Change of socks – Change socks daily or twice a day if being active. Also staying away from nylon socks and using moisture wicking socks helps keep the sock dry from the feet.
  • Deodorize shoes – Use Lysol to spray the insides of your shoes and let them sit overnight to dry out. If the smell continues, it would be best to change out your shoes too. Cornstarch also works to deodorize the shoe and absorbs excess moisture.

These are some ways to get the stinky feet situation under control and if none of these remedies work, then it is important to see your podiatrist, as there may be a more of a serious bacterial infection called erythrasma. Call your podiatrist today if you are still stinking up the house after trying these home remedies!

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