What is Tinea Pedis?

If you are experiencing skin changes such as scaling or peeling on the bottom of your feet or in between your toes along with burning or itching sensations, you may have a form of tinea pedis. Tinea pedis, also more commonly known as “athlete’s foot,” is a fungal infection of the foot.

There are 4 forms of tinea pedis that are common and present in different patterns.

  • Chronic hyperkeratotic – manifests as scaling and thickening of the soles of the feet and sides of the feet, usually not present on the tops of the feet. May be described as a moccasin type pattern and this form is most typically known as “athlete’s foot.”
  • Chronic intertriginous – may present as scaling, redness or erosions of the interdigital spaces or the skin at the bottom of the toes.
  • Vesiculobullous – small vesicles develop at the bottom of the feet and may combine to form a large blister or bullae.
  • Acute ulcerative- is typically present in the 3rd and 4th interdigital spaces as macerations with scaling borders and may spread to the outside of the foot or the bottom of the arch.

Since fungus prefers warm, dark, moist environments, moisture reduction and control is key for preventing recurrence of fungal infections. Open-toed shoes and frequent sock changes are important, especially during the warmer seasons. One should be thorough when drying interdigital spaces, as moisture can get trapped in those areas and allow for the proliferation of fungi. Drying agents such as antifungal powders can be used in shoes and socks to help with humidity control.

Visit your podiatrist for a clinical evaluation if you are worried about fungal infection. Your podiatrist may recommend or prescribe topical and oral antifungals. Call your podiatrist today if you have questions or concerns about your possible tinea pedis.

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