Fighting Shoe Odor

Are you debating whether or not to trash your favorite pair of shoes due to an embarrassing shoe odor? Do you tend to sweat more than other people you know? Hyperhidrosis is a condition where a person sweats excessively, even when the temperature is cool. Those that suffer from hyperhidrosis may have more problems associated […]

Will Orthotics Help Me?

Orthotics are devices that are placed in the shoe to put the foot in a neutral position, or provide cushioning depending on the type of orthotic. Orthotics devices are used in foot conditions such as, flat foot, pes cavus (high arched feet), equinus (muscular imbalance limiting upward motion of foot), hammertoes, limb length difference, diabetes, […]

Don’t Let Your Feet Slow You Down

Swelling or peripheral edema in either one or both lower extremities is a common complaint. Peripheral edema can be caused by a variety of conditions, some of which are benign, while others are more serious. Peripheral edema is seen in many diabetic patients due to damaged capillaries. These capillaries are damaged by increased pressure, and […]

External Fixation History Lesson

External fixation may look very high-tech, and maybe even scary. However, external fixation has been used in one way or another since almost 2400 years ago. External fixation techniques were described by Hippocrates, and were used in treating tibia fractures. External fixation is a minimally invasive technique to reduce displaced fractures. Jean François Malgaigne was […]

New Advancements For Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

More than 100 types of peripheral neuropathy exist, and each type comes with different symptoms, and often a different prognosis. Small sensory fibers transmit pain and temperature sensation, and in small-fiber peripheral neuropathy these fibers are damaged. Large fibers are involved in vibratory sense and proprioception, or being able to sense the movement and orientation […]

Don’t Shoot Yourself In The Foot

The phrase, “don’t shoot yourself in the foot”, is a common expression that means to not say or do something that is damaging or careless. However, a 16-year old boy from Chicago made this expression literal when he shot himself in the foot when trying to defend himself from a robber. When the teen was […]

Central Ohio Diabetes Association Continues To Celebrate 50 Years…

February 11, 2014 For Immediate Release Contact: Charles Farmer at 884-4400 or 843-8400 after 5 pm 1100 Dennison Ave, Columbus, OH 43201 614-884-4400-office 800-422-7946-toll free 614-884-4484-fax e-mail: Central Ohio Diabetes Association NEWS Central Ohio Diabetes Association Continues To Celebrate 50 Years of Serving the Community by Hosting An Open House Promoting Living A Healthy […]

Total Ankle Replacement Versus Fusion

Ankle joint arthritis can be just as debilitating or more than hip, back, or knee joint arthritis. Ankle arthritis often occurs in people that have had a prior history of traumatic injuries to the ankle, such as ankle fractures or sprains. When a person has debilitating ankle joint arthritis total ankle replacements and ankle fusions […]

Bone Tumors In The Foot

Chondrosarcoma is the fancy medical term for one of the most common types of bone cancer in the foot. About 30% of tumors affecting the bone are chondrosarcomas. This type of cancer arises from the cartilage cells in bones. This cancer is also known to spread quickly so early diagnosis is important for optimal treatment. […]