Happy and Safe Fourth of July!

Fourth of July brought with it flags, parades, family and fun. It also brought barbeques and fireworks. Over 9,000 people each year are burned by fireworks, a third of which are children. Most are burned on the face and upper limbs, but occasionally small children step on lit fireworks or the fire spreads down a […]

10 Ways To Lower Diabetes Risk

Diabetes Mellitus affects more than 230 million people worldwide! That is equivalent to approximately 20 times the number of people living in the state of Ohio alone. One out of every three people with diabetes is unaware they have the disease. There are three types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational […]

Ballet’s Damaging Effects On Feet

Ballet is a beautiful mix of art and athleticism. However, fifteen to twenty percent of ballet injuries involve the foot! Dancers are notorious for having painful, or even ugly feet due to the enormous amount of pressure that is put on the tips of the toes repetitively. Dancers essentially use their feet in ways that […]

Pediatric Foot Complaints

The pediatric population suffers from a distinct group of conditions, some of which adults do not suffer from. Younger patients have open growth plates leaving them vulnerable to injuries involving the growth plates, or due to the fact that some bones have not ossified, or hardened. However, pediatric patients are still vulnerable to the majority […]

The Effects of Pregnancy on the Feet

Pregnancy can be a time filled with excitement and anticipation as an expecting parent awaits the arrival of their newborn. However, pregnancy also comes with crazy hormones, drastic body changes, and can be very uncomfortable at times. Pregnancy also causes a lot of changes to the feet. Pregnancy comes with a wide range of potential […]

Kent Bazemore’s Torn Tendon

Kent Bazemore, of the Lakers, has a lot of potential as a young athlete. This was his second season to play professional basketball. Bazemore is the 6-foot-5 guard for the Lakers, and will unfortunately be sitting out the rest of the season due to a foot injury. Bazemore sustained a tear in the peroneus longus […]