My Orthotics Feel too Hard, but Softer Ones Wear out too Quickly. What can I do?

Sports orthotics should be firm to brace your foot into the correct bio-mechanical position during the stress of running. If you feel your orthotics are too hard they may not fit correctly. If they fit well, a topcover that distributes stress can be added. If you are concerned that your orthotics aren’t working properly, contact […]

I Have Orthotics. How Often do I Need to Have These Replaced?

Orthotics lose their function, that is their ability to properly control abnormal foot function, somewhere between 1-3 years. This will be on the lower end if you are heavy or very active. When you reach this point (or sooner if you find your feet becoming more tired or your foot pain is returning) it is […]

How Long do Orthotics Last?

This depends on the type of activity. The more running one does, the quicker the orthotic will wear out. Over-the-counter orthotics typically last about one year. Custom orthotics usually last three to five years – sometimes longer. With children, we usually replace orthotics every one to two shoe sizes, depending on comfort.

Do I Need a Custom Orthotic?

Although over-the-counter orthotics work, custom orthotics work better and are more comfortable; therefore, we use them when over-the-counter orthotics fail to relieve symptoms. Custom orthotics are made out of higher-grade materials that last longer and are more expensive. When a custom orthotic is necessary, it is crucial that a podiatrist is involved, as the wrong […]

How do Orthotics Work?

Hundreds of scientific studies have been performed to determine how orthotics work. Orthotics perform three major functions: First, orthotics help disperse forces across your foot so one specific area of the foot is not getting overloaded. Second, orthotics help slow down pathologic motion, such as over-pronation or over-supination. Third, orthotics improve what is called proprioception, […]

What is an Orthotic?

An orthotic is an insert, either soft or firm, which replaces the insole of your regular shoe. It is classified as either custom or over-the-counter. Custom orthotics should only be made by a podiatrist or physical therapist who has experience treating foot and ankle disorders. The best over-the-counter orthotics are available at running stores or […]

How Often to I Need to Replace my Orthotics?

Orthotics are designed to control abnormal foot function, and they do lose their function eventually. This is usually right around a year to a year and a half depending on activity level and weight. When you have reached this point, or you are experiencing reoccurring foot discomfort it is time to replace your orthotics.