Who do I Call After Surgery if I Have Questions?

Your surgeon will be available to answer any questions you have after surgery and will give you information on how to contact him or her for questions. Some surgeons work with residents or fellows during surgery, and if they are involved with your case, you will be able to contact them after surgery.

Will my Insurance pay for Surgery?

Most foot and ankle surgery is considered elective but because we are doing it to reduce pain and dysfunction, most insurance plans have good coverage for elective foot and ankle surgery. We do not know the intricacies of each individual insurance plan; therefore, it is up to you to determine whether your insurance will pay […]

Will I be Admitted to the Hospital?

Unless your surgery is done on an emergent basis, or there is a significant complication, you will not be admitted to the hospital. Most surgeries are done on an outpatient basis and you can go home the same day as your surgery.

What is a Tourniquet?

A tourniquet is a cuff that is placed around your ankle or thigh during surgery to stop the blood flow to your leg. This allows us to be more efficient. A tourniquet is safe for up to two hours and can be deflated and reinflated for longer cases.

What Kind of Anesthesia is Involved During Foot and Ankle Surgery?

Anesthesia is based on the length of procedure, type of tourniquet used and your anesthesia wishes. There are many options for anesthesia, which include local anesthesia, regional blocks (popliteal/spinal) or general anesthesia. All local and regional anesthesia is accompanied by conscious sedation so that you are unaware of the procedure. Our primary goal is to […]

How Much Time do I Have to Take off Work After Foot and Ankle Surgery?

This depends on your job. If your job can accommodate non-weight-bearing, then you can usually return to work three to five days after surgery, depending on pain. If your job will not accommodate non-weight-bearing, you will have to be off of work during this period and need to have modified duties when you return and […]

Can I Drive After Surgery?

You need someone to bring you to your surgery and take you home. You should avoid driving for the first week after surgery no matter what was done. After that, driving depends on your transmission and which foot was operated on. If you have a manual transmission, you cannot drive during the entire nonweightbearing period. […]

Will I Have a Cast After Foot and Ankle Surgery?

That depends on the procedure. Some procedures only require a protective shoe postoperatively, which we will dispense. Other procedures require a postoperative cast for one to two weeks, followed by a removable walking cast for protection. The removable walking cast (boot) is then worn for protection during the remaining period of non-weight-bearing, and then used […]

Can I Shower or Bathe After Surgery?

For most procedures you cannot get your surgical site wet until the stitches are removed, which is usually done 10 to 14 days after surgery. There is a special bag we dispense to keep your leg protected while showering or bathing after surgery. If there is external hardware, you cannot get your foot wet until […]