Physical Therapy

As of May 1, we haveĀ been accepting patients into our brand new, State-of-the-art Physical Therapy department located next to our Gahanna office! We are proud to announce our experienced and skilled team of therapists:


Jim Jenkins, PT, PhD

Jim Jenkins is a recent addition to initiation physical therapy at the practice. After earning a PhD in Exercise Physiology from The Ohio State University, research included the effects of exercise, nutrition, and selective pharmaceuticals on performance. The decision to pursue a physical therapy degree allowed a progression from research with 4-legged animals to providing clinical rehab to people of all ages. Clinical diversity in the rehabilitation services includes 22 years in roles from lead therapist, regional PT director, outpatient PT clinic owner serving patients, and establishing hospital rehab departments/programs across several Midwest states. His consistent focus in quality service provision continues to be patient-directed functional restoration provided in a joyful environment. A career best described as eclectic, includes years as a personal trainer and fitness consultant, coach of scholastic and collegiate sports, decades experience as an NCAA Division I sports referee in basketball and lacrosse, and a personal perpetual partaker of the athletic-participation fountain of youth. At home with wife and four dogs, Jim enjoys weeding his garden and cruising the country miles by road bike and motorcycle or enjoying kayaking.

Marsha A. Fechter

Marsha earned her BS in Physical Therapy in 1987 from Ohio University. Since graduating she has focused her efforts in orthopedic rehab with emphasis on the ‘whole’. She approaches the body like a mechanic looking for alignment issues in the body and uses manual therapy techniques to reset the muscles thus correcting the asymmetries allowing for more normal postures, gait, and pain reduction. She combines manual therapy and exercise based programs to allow patients to reach their goals and their full potential. She is a busy wife and mother of two high school age children. One who plays competitive volleyball. She travels all over the country in her spare time for volleyball tournaments.