Scott Podsednik Hoping a Cast will Strike Out Plantar Fasciitis

Everyone in the Columbus area’s brackets were busted Friday night after the Buckeye’s surprising loss to Kentucky. It is tough to continue watching the March Madness tournament once your local favorite has been knocked out! Luckily, with opening day right around the corner, the Major League Baseball season offers a new distraction in the world […]

Kobe Bryant’s Ankle Injury Experiences Some Madness in March

As everyone in the Columbus area, and all around Ohio focuses on Ohio State’s win against University of Texas-San Antonio in the NCAA March Madness tournament, Kobe Bryant had a much less successful NBA game last Saturday.  Late in the third quarter, Kobe landed a jump and appeared to severely roll his ankle. For anyone […]

Toenail Testing has a Future in Preventing Cancer

It is known that smoking greatly increases an individual’s likelihood of developing lung cancer and heart disease. However, many people may not realize how the chemicals taken in from cigarettes affect right down to the tips of your toes! A recent study done at the San Diego School of Medicine is being widely reported on […]

Serena’s Torn Toe Tendon Causes Her Lots of Troubles

As an athlete, how you care for your injuries is critical to continued and future athletic successes, regardless of whether you are one of my favorite local OSU Buckeye teams, a “weekend warrior” athlete, or a high-paid professional athlete. Tennis star Serena Williams unfortunately seems to be learning this lesson the hard way. Not only […]