Feet were not “Born This Way” to Walk in Lady Gaga’s Daring Shoes

As Columbus fans who attended Lady Gaga’s March “Monster Ball” concert at the Value City Arena can attest to, Lady Gaga is known for her wild fashion statements.  Although she may make walking in crazy shoes look effortless as she stomps across piano keys or performs on Saturday Night Live, it may be somewhat of […]

Toe Shortening Surgery Seen on “The Doctors” Much More than Just a Cosmetic Procedure

Last Friday, on “The Doctors” they featured what they described as an extreme cosmetic procedure where a woman had a toe shortening surgery to wear designer high heeled shoes with less pain.  While this may initially sound like a crazy procedure you would only see in Hollywood, it is actually done across the country and here […]

David vs. Goliath (Solo Podiatrist vs. The Ohio State University​)

My name is Dr. Animesh (Andy) Bhatia. I am a practicing Podiatrist in Columbus, Ohio. In an effort to offer my perspective on healthcare to the general public, I blog through my website, www.columbusfoot.com. During Foot Health Awareness Month, I posted an educational blog about the use of orthotics on April 17, 2011. I referenced […]

Yankees’ Chavez Will Have a Shorter Time on the Bench Thanks to Correct Diagnosis of a Bone Bruise

Ohio’s Major League Baseball team, the Cleveland Indians, will not be facing the Yankees until July, but many fans staying updated on the future opponent may have heard about an interesting injury of Eric Chavez, the team’s backup third baseman. On May 5thwhile running the bases, Chavez began limping and was helped off the field […]

Even Running World Record Holders from Kenya Take Days Off to Tend to their Tendons!!

In Columbus this time of year, I see many runners trying do all they can to maximize their training time for the remainder of the outdoor track season.  The Capital City half marathon is this Saturday, May 7, 2011. And earlier this week the world record holder in the 800M race, David Rudisha has recently […]

Be Aware of Your Pedicure during Foot Health Awareness Month!

Just because April, or “Foot Health Awareness” month is coming to an end, doesn’t mean that people should stop paying attention to their feet! With summer around the corner, I have noticed local nail salons near the Columbus Podiatry and Surgery office appear to be extra busy beautifying people’s feet.  Both men and women indulging their […]