Shonn Greene is Proof that a Foot Infection Can Happen to Anyone!

On Sunday August 21, Columbus, OH fans of the Cincinnati Bengals will have to travel all the way to New York City to see their team play the New York Jets.  The trip may be worth it to witness a Bengals win, which the odds are improved for by the fact that the Jet’s first string […]

Find The Perfect Back To School Shoes!

While parents of kids in the Olentangy and Dublin City school districts around our offices at Columbus Podiatry & Surgery prepare for back to school, there is one item that is sure to make every child’s wish list for starting the fall looking their best: new shoes. While getting the best price and shoes that look […]

I’ll take Achilles Tendon Rupture for $500 Alex!

Although 2011 was not the year for an Ohio student to take home the win at the National Geographic World Championships, the event was certainly very exciting for all students participating from around the globe.  The championships were made even more interesting this year when host Alex Trebek of Jeopardy hosting fame limped in to […]

The Best way for Columbus to say “Not Me” to Diabetic Foot Problems – See your Podiatrist!

This past Sunday, the city of Columbus began working with the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance’s program to say “NOT ME” to diabetes.  As diabetes has become an epidemic in, programs such as “Not Me” are an important way to increase awareness about diabetes prevention and control.  The program involves a lifestyle coaching program to […]

Protect Sweaty Feet from the Heat!

With the heat wave striking Columbus and much of the country this past week, many people may be sweating a bit more than usual.  However, for some people, this excessive sweating can continue to occur regardless of whether there are record high temperatures, or it is a snowy day in January. This is a condition […]

High Heel Headaches!

Although it seems far away, the November 2012 presidential election has candidates beginning to campaign near Columbus and across the country.  One interesting story related to feet about a candidate over the past few weeks were reports that Michelle Bachman supposedly noticed a link between wearing high heeled shoes and having migraines. While this may seem […]