Venus Williams to Play the Fed Cup After Beginning Treatment for Strange Sounding Syndrome

As the Williams sisters joined the international team tennis competition called the Fed Cup this past week, it is astonishing to look at the health and foot and ankle problems they have had to overcome to continue to be a force in the world of tennis. In 2011, not only did Serena survive a pulmonary […]

Don’t Be like Deen – Change your Habits and Change your Diabetes Destiny!

After Chef Paula Deen finally announced her diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus that she had been hiding for two years this past week, there has been an outcry from people across Columbus and the country. Deen promoted to everyone who watched her cooking shows the exact lifestyle that leads to the development of type […]

Lead Singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Sesamoid Foot Bones in Red Hot in Pain!

Although they do not have a date set in Columbus, fans traveling to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers tour for their 2011 album may be wondering what has led them to reschedule many of their appearances. The cause of these major changes in concert dates is due to lead singer Anthony Kiedis’s painful foot […]

Strengthen your Foot Bones while Enjoying the Sun this Unseasonable January!

With the unusual warm weather we have been seeing in Columbus, Ohio it is great to see so many people outside walking and exercising their feet lately. Any extra exposure to sunlight is always appreciated during the short and often dreary months this time of year. While excess sun exposure can be dangerous for skin, […]