Move your Feet to Stay Healthy After Treatments and Hospital Stays!

An article published in “USA Today” this past week discussed the scary reality that many elderly patients will leave a hospital much weaker than when they arrived. Even though the patient’s original condition will be treated, the overall health of the patient may suffer from lack of physical activity. A similar concept can be applied […]

Record Temperatures Help Catch Tarsal Coalitions in Kids!

With the record setting high temperatures the past few weeks in Columbus, kids have been soaking up the sun and playing outside as much as possible. While the exercise is excellent for foot health, some new pains may develop from the sudden increase in activity level. Parents need to pay careful attention to new pains […]

Stay Away from Leprechaun Sized Shoes this St. Patrick’s Day!

Whether you are running in the St. Patrick’s Day 5K at Flannagan’s this Saturday in Columbus or simply running to the pub, taking care of your feet can make or break your celebration of this lucky holiday. Properly fitting shoes are imperative for good foot health, and also can help in avoiding knee, hip and […]

Big Toe Does More than You Know and the Effects on Other Toes

Recently, a man named Mike Stevens travelled from Mississippi to California to undergo a surgery that would transfer his big toe to his hand where it will replace the thumb he lost in an accident. This may be a surprising idea to many people because the thumb and toes are not thought of as being […]