Pedal Away from Foot Pain When Riding Your Bike

Lance Armstrong is likely feeling some emotional pain this week after receiving a lifetime ban from international cycling competition; however, the longtime champion of the Tour de France has continued to do what he loves by participating in a mountain bike race this past weekend. Throughout the cycling career of Lance, as well as other […]


“Kinesiotape” has become a household name around Columbus and the world after the London Olympics. Athletes in a wide variety of sports wore the brightly colored strips of tape on any body part possible with hopes of improving performance. While this special tape may be promising and allow some athlete’s to feel as though their […]

Send Your Heel Pain into Retreat with Shock Waves

Plantar fasciitis knows no boundaries in who it strikes against. Olympic athletes, professional football and baseball players and the average citizen of Columbus can all be struck by this condition and the resulting heel pain that interferes with daily activities. Recently, Philadelphia Phillies player Carlos Ruiz has been placed on the team’s disabled list because […]

Maximize Summer Fun by Minimizing Your Child’s Heel Pain

For kids in Columbus, summer months mean the best time of the year to play outside from sun up to sun down. The health benefits that come along with the increased activity levels are great for your feet and the rest of your body. In some cases, aches and pains in the feet and legs […]

Thinking with Your Feet – How Changes in Your Brain are Reflected in Your Walking Pattern!

The extreme heat plaguing Ohio lately has everyone feeling as though walking outside is more difficult than usual and that slow is the only acceptable pace. Changes in the way you walk develop not only based on external conditions, but can also reflect internal changes in your body. Recent studies presented at the Alzheimer’s Association […]