Pierre Garcon Needs to be Careful with Capsulitis of the Toe!

Although Ohio NFL teams will not be facing the Washington Redskins for a few weeks, they may still gain an advantage if Redskins’ wide receiver Pierre Garcon does not take extra good care of his feet until then! Foot problems have affected a large number of football players as usual this year varying from Hakeem […]

Say “Ohm” to your Toes!

On rainy falls days around Columbus, many exercise enthusiasts can be found barefoot enjoying a break from the elements at their favorite yoga studio. Yoga has been reported to have many benefits for the body, and the feet are not an area of exception for these benefits. However, as with any exercise program, you need […]

Offseason Ohio Athletes Should Take Advantage of Time off for Their Toes

While many falls sports are reaching the midpoint of their season, spring and winter athletes who are currently in their offseason in Ohio should take advantage of the time off to address any ailments. One of the fastest female sprinters in the world, Sanya Richards-Ross had surgery on her big toe last week to address […]

Three Cheers for Cherries: New Studies Show Eating Cherries Reduces Gout Attacks

Eating a balanced diet is important for all aspects of good health. Certain foods have been shown to alleviate or aggravate specific conditions. Gout especially has been linked to specific types of food triggering the condition, but recently, cherries have been shown to have a positive effect in avoiding a gouty attack. Gout is known […]