Synovitis Doesn’t Stop Deron Williams from Slam Dunking

In the middle of the NBA’s season, Deron Williams of the Brooklyn Nets was recently suffering from an injury that has sometimes been termed “footballer’s ankle”. Unfortunately for Devon, the condition formally known as ankle synovitis can affect athletes in all sports, not just football. Any activity that results in an ankle sprain increases the […]

Feet hit the Streets to Walk for Multiple Sclerosis

This past Saturday, the Walk MS event was held at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. This walk for Multiple Sclerosis is held across the country each year to raise money towards working towards a cure for multiple sclerosis. While the first noticed symptoms of this disease typically involve vision, problems with the feet and legs […]

Sarah Jessica Parker Hits Her High Heel Limit due to Foot Pain

Stilettos are practically the first thing that comes to mind when people think of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. Now, several years after the show and movies have wrapped, Parker is suffering so badly from foot pain and deformity that she has given up her heel sporting ways as […]

Ware’s Weakened Bones Heal as His Teammates Advance

Following his horrendous leg injury last week, Kevin Ware has to be in better spirits as his Louisville teammates beat Wichita State Saturday night to advance to the title game of the NCAA finals. Ware has already undergone surgery for what is being described as one of the most gruesome sports injuries of all time. […]

Football Injuries

Football is known for its brutal injuries, and recently former Miami Dolphins pass-rusher Jason Taylor put the spotlight on just how severe these injuries can be in the foot and leg. Taylor explained in an interview how he nearly was forced to undergo a below knee amputation after developing what is called compartment syndrome. Any […]

Skiier’s Toe & Tips for Staying on the Slopes

Hopefully, we are through the snowy, cold winter in Ohio. While the snow storm “Nemo” did not hit Columbus as hard as it did along states bordering the Atlantic Ocean, there is still plenty of snow and cold in the area for people to enjoy some fun winter activities! Skiiers and snowboarders alike have been […]

Foot Care Tips to Help Keep the New Pope on his Toes

Following this week’s inauguration, Pope Francis officially became the 266th pope. With all of the traveling necessitated by his new position in the Catholic Church, Pope Francis will be relying on his feet more than ever. At 76 years old, the Pope and other individuals around his age need to take extra care of their […]

Investigate your Feet on Diabetes Alert Day

This past Tuesday was declared as Diabetes Alert Day by the American Diabetes Association to bring awareness to the risks and signs of undiagnosed diabetes. This day is to be celebrated the fourth Tuesday of each March as a “wake up call” for everyone to take their health into their own hands (& feet!) and […]