Take Note of Neuropathy in Your Feet

Last week was National Neuropathy Awareness Week across the United States, where one in 15 people are affected by peripheral neuropathy. In diabetes, which is the leading cause of peripheral neuropathy, damage occurs in what is called in a “stocking & glove distribution”. This means that nerve problems in diabetes begin in the feet, and […]

Nurses Week: Thanking those who help Nurse Foot Wounds Back to Health!

Nurses should be celebrated year round for their contributions to the health and well-being of patients, and this week Nurses Week has health care centers acknowledging those contributions. In the care of foot and ankle conditions, nurses often play a huge role in following through with treatment plans. Many patients with chronic wounds or ulcers […]

Smoking Ads Show Scary Side Effects in Your Lower Extremity

Beginning at the end of March, the Center for Disease Control released its second set of “in your face” style of ads highlighting the terrifying consequences of smoking cigarettes. The ads running throughout April and May show people whose lives have been personally affected by smoking. One individual prominently featured in the ads, a former […]