Taking Care of Mom’s Tired Toes

Active moms around Ohio celebrated Mother’s Day in their own way this past Sunday. Some moms chose to spend the day on their feet at events like the Greater Columbus Ladies Only 5K Run in Grove City, Ohio. Other moms went for a bit more pampering for their toes, with spa treatments or kicking their heels up on the couch!

While pedicures are always a popular gift, there are many varieties of foot and ankle pampering to choose from. It is always important to be careful when visiting even a highly regarded nail salon. Be sure to ask that the foot bath has been disinfected in between each use. Bacteria grow in the moist areas of an improperly cleaned foot bath. It is also for this reason that pedicures should be avoided if an individual has any cuts or scrapes on their feet or legs. Even a small nick from shaving can be enough for bacteria to enter the body and cause serious infection. Nails should be squared in shape rather than rounded to prevent the development of painful ingrown toenails. Ingrown nails develop with curved nails that begin to grow out and dig into the skin folds in front of the nail, causing pain and irritation. In some cases, ingrown nails can also become infected. For those with a fungal toenail infection, the pedicurist may be able to help restore nails to a more normal thickness, but polishing fungal nails may do more harm than good. By painting fungal toenails (unless it is an antifungal nail polish!), the fungus is trapped under the polish and can flourish in the warm dark environment. One gift for moms with fungal toenails would be to treat them to a session of the PinPoint Foot Laser that is a painless therapy to effectively clear up fungal nails.

For active moms, who may have been gifted athletic shoe store gift cards or race entries, foot health should be a major consideration when using these gifts. Whether entering a race or trying a new shoe style, moderation is imperative. If the gift card is to be used towards new barefoot style of running shoes, mileage should initially be kept very low in the shoes to give the foot time to adjust. It is also crucial that moms and anyone else interested in trying out barefoot running educates themselves on the proper form required when wearing the “barefoot” or “minimalist” style of sneakers. Overtraining initially with improper form can easily lead to the development of foot injuries including stress fractures and tendonitis.

Regardless of how you chose to show your appreciation for mom, hopefully it involved giving her the day to relax and take care of her feet in any way she chose!

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By Dr. Animesh (Andy) Bhatia