Pablo’s Peroneal Tendons Problems

The San Francisco Giants activated infielder Pablo Sandoval this past Monday after tendon pain in his foot had placed him on the disabled list for 15 days. Pablo is reported to have injured his peroneal tendons, a relatively common foot problem for athletes. Unfortunately for highly active individuals like Pablo, depending on exactly what structures […]

To Tackle Toe Wrestling Title: Keep Your Big Toe Moving!

This past week contestants from around the world gathered in Derbyshire, England to show off their skills in an unusual sporting event: toe wrestling. The world toe wrestling championships began in the 1970s and have continued annually ever since. The competition requires not only toe and foot strength to maintain position in the match, it […]

Falls & Foot Injury

Summer is in the air around Columbus, with warm temperatures and sunshine aplenty. However, with summer also comes more risky outdoor activities for kids and teens in the area. One teen from Arizona made national news this week after a risky activity lead to a serious foot injury. After jumping from the height of her […]